And Still We Rise: Leadership Forum for Women of Color Leaders

Sat Jan 11, 9:30 AM - Sat Jun 20, 1:30 PM (EST)

As women of color leaders, the pressures we face are enormous. Every day we are called upon to support and sustain our communities and mobilize resources to achieve social change. We experience high levels of stress and burnout as we devote many hours to the causes we care about and the communities we seek to empower. Additionally, our leadership is challenged by stereotypes and assumptions related to our race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, class, age, etc. In this current political climate, our communities are under assault even more, and we must find ways to assert our rights, our lives, our voices, our dignity, and humanity.

Our inspired leadership is needed now more than ever.

And Still We Rise is a special opportunity to come together with other women of color leaders to:
Celebrate and affirm our identities and values as women of color leaders
Rejuvenate and renew our spirits
Connect with and create a network of support with other women of color
Nurture our ongoing commitment to social change
Revitalize our vision and faith in ourselves as leaders
Acknowledge the important work we do for and in the community

And Still We Rise is a six-month leadership forum with monthly facilitated discussions and food provided. Since this is a program with an emphasis on community-building and deepening relationships, participants are asked to do their best to attend sessions. The following topics will be explored:

Leading with Vision – Affirm our unique vision of leadership and values as women of color leaders and develop strategies for bringing them into the world.
Naming and Claiming our Needs – Identify areas where we need support and learn how to prioritize self-care and wellness, during times of stress.
Stepping into Our Power – Explore the dynamics and challenges to our power and influence across the intersections of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, class, age, ability, and religion. Identify strategies for overcoming these obstacles and stepping into our power.
Building from the Inside Out: Addressing Internalized Oppression and Working Against Stereotypes – Explore the effects of internalized oppression and stereotypes and the impact they have on our ability to lead and succeed.
Empowering Our Communities – Explore ways to come together and build powerful and effective coalitions and movements for social justice and social change.
Next Steps/Additional Topics – Reflect on additional themes that emerge within the group as time allows and identify next steps for ongoing networking, partnering, and coalition building.

Jennifer Matias