How Racism Hurts People of Color....And Everyone

Sat Dec 12, 2020, 1:00 - 3:00 PM (EST)

Trainers: Dr. Carlie C. Tartakov, Emerita Professor, Multicultural and Antiracist Educator, Social Justice Activist; and Paki Wieland M.S.W., Citizen Activist, Nonviolent Practitioner and Trainer, Engaged in the life-long process of deconstructing growing up in the apartheid South.

Carlie Tartakov and Paki Wieland have been learning from Indigenous Peoples to look deeply at the concept of “reconciliation,” and the suggestion that we need “conciliation,” since the question arises of whether we were ever in concert, in connection. In this workshop, we will examine the messages we have all learned about “differences” in the dominant culture of hierarchy and duality. Together we will explore the shift to understanding white advantage, and we will discuss alternatives we can envision and co-create. Come with an open mind and heart. Join us.