Positive Social Change Through Education: Views from Inside an Elementary School

Sat Dec 4, 3:00 - 5:00 PM (EST)

Families, school employees, students, and anyone else interested in social justice in our schools are encouraged to join this class. Ms. Agna will share images and reflections from her career as a teacher and principal of the Jackson Street School in Northampton, MA. We will examine the complicated situations and power dynamics that play out through a variety of stories. We will learn and practice a model of unpacking these stories, and ways to design both immediate responses to aggression and long-term strategies to make lasting change. Our discussions will focus on our own cultural identities and institutional practices while pushing back on the way people often hide privilege and oppression by trying to keep the focus on individual character traits. Our goal is to build capacity and community, and to connect in the fight to make our schools places of empowerment and restorative justice.

Gwen Agna

Tom Chang