Women of Color on the Rise

Sun Dec 12, 2021, 2:00 - 4:00 PM (EST)

Despite the sticky floor, and concrete/bamboo ceiling phenomenon (the women of color equivalent of the glass ceiling), and though woefully underrepresented, women of color (WOC) are occupying an increasing number of leadership positions throughout U.S. society. In 2020, Kamala Harris, a Black and South Asian American woman was elected as vice president, the first woman and woman of color to serve in that role. In that same election cycle, a historic number of women of color, 51, were elected to congress. In this workshop, we will discuss the leadership styles and social impact and contributions of WOC leaders. We will raise up these inspiring models of leadership and celebrate the wisdom, resourcefulness, resilience, and brilliance of WOC and their ability to navigate and lead despite the intersectional oppressions they face. We will have the opportunity to discuss what we can do, personally and collectively, to support the leadership of women of color.

Amihan Matias