Connecting Us

Tue Apr 26, 5:00 - 7:00 PM (EDT)

Our methods of connection weren't working for us long before the pandemic, racial reckoning, and the systemic breakdown of our institutions. We cannot go back to the way we were and we aren't steady or grounded enough to move forward toward new models that feel better, and are more authentic.

We want connection but our "norms" aren't what many of us want to return to. What can we do differently? How can we effect collective change if we aren't able to connect in real ways with those around us, in our workplaces, our neighborhoods, our country, our world?

In this workshop, we will take time to connect/reconnect with ourselves. We will put some thought and intention into how we foster inner connection. It's not something many of us have been taught nor had the opportunity to carve out the time. Will also explore interpersonal connection valuing it in its entirety with the raw, authentic, the messy and the real without overwhelming or performing. This workshop isn't for the light of heart! Come prepared to dive deep, reimagine, create a new framework for how to connect and develop some new tools in the process. 

Sauda Garrett