Dream a New Dream: Live a New Story: Two-part Series

Sat, Feb 4, 2023, 4:00 PM EST – Sat, Feb 11, 2023, 6:00 PM EST

Today, Amber Chand continues her mission by helping people navigate times of profound uncertainty in their lives with courageous love and fearless imagination. We all live in a story – one that anchors and gives us meaning and connection. But there are times when the story we live in is shaken up and no longer supports our personal and collective sense of wellbeing. It is as if the past has pushed us out. We are living in such a time today, a time of turbulent unraveling. In this course, she will skillfully guide you into 3 pillars of inquiry: Who are you today? Who are you seeking to become? How will you get there? Students will be introduced to dynamic new teachings on the transformational power of the new story in our world. They will discover why the 3 foundational principles to the new story are vital to their wellbeing, learn about the illuminating power of the Seven Lanterns – and why it offers a unique roadmap into their future. They will connect with their dreams and visions through a guided Future Self Dialogue process where their future will show them the way rather than the limitations of a weary past. They will leave with a Map of Possibility, one that will offer practical and inspired action steps in five areas of their lives. This visionary journey promises to both sacred and strategic, contemplative and action oriented. It offers a unique perspective on living our lives from a place of courage, commitment and profound care for ourselves and our world. Each session offers a weaving of inspirational teachings, reflective journaling, and student dialogue.

Amber Chand

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